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The chance to radically expand income without some significant tech leaps that are required when testing in the cart. Just put, product pages are a noteworthy open door point to get individuals to that last step...the purchase.

The product page is your opportunity to truly flaunt, instruct, and persuade your customer that they

1) Need your product

2) Need it from you.

Optimize Store Product Page

The first step to having a really great product page is answering the questions your customers…not you…need answered. There are six crucial questions every page must answer to get the product delivered in customers address instantly. When prospects browse the product description pages of your e-commerce store, psychologically, they search the answers of all these six questions to have a positive impression of your brand in their mind. If you can win their trust by answering the key questions they have in your product details page, they will immediately add the product to cart. 

3 Ways to Enhance Product Page

It's the big opportunity for you to convert every single product page visitors into buyers by just designing and answering the product page the right way.   

There are 3 ways to evaluate any product page:

  1. Answer key customer questions
  2. Use elements to answer key questions
  3. Prioritize answers with page layout

There are 3 types of product page layout. The page layout is meant to do one thing and one thing only- prioritize when your customer gets their key questions answered. 


Product Engagement Rate Increase


Page Engagement Rate Increase


Page Views In Average



Use active and passive user tests to gain insights. Prove your product page with split testing. Reiterate answers in a different medium 3 times.

Answer 6 Questions

You have to make sure you answered all six questions in multiple ways.

Test New Elements

We Test new elements to find better ways to answer all six questions. 

Pick a Layout

Pick a layout that prioritizes answers ans fits offering. Use qualitative data to do so.

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