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Create an Irrestible Lead Magnet 

The Lead Magnet is the passage into your marketing funnel and, in this way, gives the most astounding influence point.


Convert Traffic Into Leads

The objective of any Lead Magnet is simple: convert traffic into leads. Lead Magnets don't make money directly but, if employ them properly -- they are very lucrative. The goal and aim of your Lead Magnet is simply to generate leads for your Customer Journey Funnel. On the off chance that you create your Lead Magnet appropriately it will convert nicely even to ice-cold traffic from sources like Facebook Ads and Google Adwords.

Lead Magnet is the most powerful method to convert in your Customer Journey Funnel if it is,

  • Relevant to your offers
  • Ultra-specific
  • Priceless
  • Easily "consumed"

Solve a specific pain point

Lead Magnet solves a very specific pain point for anyone in the target market. A perfect Lead Magnet hits right where the market is (Relevant), and is easy and short to read (Ultra-Specific and Consumable).

Be ultra specific & relevant

Your Lead Magnet needs to be ultra-specific and relevant to your prospective leads. This is much easier to execute if you choose a single segment of your market. The mistake that most marketers and business owners make is that they try to be all things to all people.

Open the door

The performance of your Lead Magnet (and the rest of your marketing) will improve the instant you segment your market and build something SPECIFICALLY for that segment.

Lead Magnet- Make or break your online business

The Lead Magnet is an irresistible bribe that provides immense value and astonishing experience to a lead while taking their contact information - usually an email address. And in this way, you got your prospects contact information so that you can generate sales from this prospect. So, It's the Lead Magnet that can make or break your online business. You can have thousands of organic or paid traffic from different media/channels but if your Lead Magnet is not strong enough then you may not get a single contact information of your prospects. So building a high converting irresistible Lead magnet is a MUST before you go for traffic. 


Your Lead Magnet's ability to generate leads for you will be directly tied to the promise you make to prospective leads. You already choose a very particular target audience from your market. Now, it's high time for making a BIG promise that solves your target market's specific problem.

Don't kid yourself, this is a transaction. You give them value and they give you their contact information. More importantly, this is your FIRST transaction with this prospect. Make it a good great one! That said, remember that the value you deliver with the lead magnet ought to be ultra-particular and simple to consume and action specific.

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Your Lead Magnet should have tremendous stand alone value but that doesn't mean it needs to be elaborate, complex or at all lengthy.

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