The Customer Journey is the process each prospect experiences to turn into a new purchaser.

It's the manner by which outsiders move toward becoming purchasers and, in the long run, raving fans and brand promoters of your business.

The real fact is, advertising isn't a one-stage procedure. There are eight phases you should focus on the way to sales and marketing promotion.

To acquire a new customer from stranger to subscriber, then subscriber to customer, we need to answer a very important question:

How will you INTENTIONALLY and PREDICTABLY transform ice cold prospects into leads, sales, advocates and promoters? 

It is that question where we will spend the bulk of our time.

Now that you understand the value you bring to your market, it's time to start making plans to intentionally deliver that value to more people and in a more predictable way.

Aware Stage

Before somebody can purchase from your business, they need to acknowledge you exist—isn't that so? This progression is entirely crystal clear: it's the place the individual aware plainly of you. All things considered, no one is conceived knowing who Google or Apple is. Sooner or later they need to end up plainly mindful of these organizations on the off chance that they are to end up noticeably a buyer.

Engage Stage

Your prospect presently knows about your brand—they know your identity—however, this is the starting of the relationship. They don't yet know you deeply, put trust to you. Stage two, Engagement, is the place you begin speaking with your prospects. You draw their attention towards your business through some type of substance that gives diversion, excitement, information or both. Engagement ordinarily comes as substance.

Subscriber Stage

This is where the person gives you their contact information along with permission to contact them again in the future. Often this is given in exchange for an “ethical bribe,” such as free content, products or services that requires that the prospect give you their contact information.

Acquisition Stage

This is a basic stage in the Customer Journey and one that baffles numerous business owners.  The way to achieving success in this stage is to utilize what we call "irresistible offers". These offers are intended to give the new prospect enormous incentive without compelling them to put excessively "skin in the game."

You can get an entire certified marketing team working in your business for less than you ever thought possible. Plus we only use proven marketing strategies that have worked for businesses just like yours.

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