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Sell Products Lifetime To Your Customers

There is only four steps involved in growing your business: 1) Acquisition 2) Activation 3) Monetization 4) Retention. 

You need a system to INTENTIONALLY and PREDICTABLY transform ice cold prospects into leads, sales, advocates and promoters?

Convert (Sell Low Dollar Product)

If your subscribers remain engaged, some of them will be prepared to expand their level of commitment. A prospect demonstrates that dedication by contributing time or cash. This isn't an ideal opportunity to request that your prospect contribute a lot of cash on a perplexing product or service. That would ask excessively, too early. The Convert phase of the Customer Journey is tied in with obtaining purchasers or increase the dedication level of the leads you as of now have. It isn't about gaining huge profit.

Excite (Sell High Dollar Product)

It's necessary to ensure that the buyer get outstanding experience in past transaction. Else, they won't proceed onward to the following stage and purchase more costly things from you. First, we accept that whatever the prospect bought from you is outstanding.  Second, the prospect must get incentive from their last exchange with you.  The Excite phase of the Customer Journey is something you should give back to them again and again.  Each time a buyer or prospect does what you encourage them to do ( purchase this item, contract me for this service) you should design showcasing your ad campaign that amplifies the odds that they will get esteem.


Ascend (Sell Products Again & Again)

Now you've sunk time, cash and assets into getting leads and buyers and ensuring they get an incentive for purchasing with you. Buying leads and buyers toward the front is simply clever business, however just in the event that you can adapt those customers on the back end. The Ascend phase is the place your buyer will be prepared to purchase increasingly often.  You should have a core product, now is the time to offer that product. What's more, once your buyer buys that product, this is an ideal opportunity to give them other significant offers.

If you have even a single customer, a Customer Journey already exists for your company.  The question is whether you generated that single customer intentionally and, more importantly, could you do it again?  And again?  And again? Could you give tremendous value in first transaction? Could you excite him/her with value in advance? Could you predictably ensure that your next offering will be accepted ? Could you intentionally and predictably start your next campaigns to generate sales again and again from the same customer? 

The Customer Value Journey is the sequential roadmap each lead and prospect experiences to end up plainly as a customer. It's the way outsiders progress toward becoming purchasers and, in the long run, raving fans of your brand. The reality is, advertising isn't a single step procedure. There are eight phases you should implement on the way to buying and promotion. In different words, you'll never again think about whether you'll have the capacity to generate new leads.  You won't need to cross your fingers and seek after customers.  When you comprehend the Customer Value Journey, even testimonials and referrals will wind up plainly simple and automatic.


Organic Traffic - Increase


Bounce Rate - Decrease


Average Visit Duration - Increase


Pages Per Session - Increase

Convert Buyer into Advocate

You need an upbeat buyer who has already bought few outstanding products from you. The following stage is to make another campaign that permits those persons to willingly spread your business messages. An advocate is somebody who talks emphatically about your business. An advocate is a person who you may call a "passive promoter." They won't really advance your business in a dynamic way, yet when inquired as to yourself, they will react positively.

Buyers Now Promoters ! Is That Possible?

Promoters contrast from advocates in the way that they are currently looking to get the opportunity to publicize the message about your business. At times, the promoter essentially had an incredible involvement with your organization and they need to impart it to their companions and family.  And in light of the fact that this new group of target market is finding your business from a reliable source, (for example, a companion or relative they definitely know), they are significantly more prone to wind up as a buyer.

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