Hello... my name is Debazit Datta, I am Certified E-Commerce Specialist. After achieving this certification, I started this e-commerce agency DebazitDatta.

I want to take a moment to say Hello and have proper acquaintance and welcome you to the family.

Truly, for the benefit of myself and the whole E-commerce and Digital Marketing team of my company, I would like you to realize that we're genuinely excited and appreciative that you chose to go along with us…

This is what you can expect from us…

We'll distribute newly advanced E-commerce marketing substance to our blog per week, once it's live we'll send you an email with a short depiction of the new article, why we believe it's vital for you, and a connection to peruse the full article.

We are here to go along with your e-commerce journey and want to share our best expertise knowledge and experience with you so that you can smoothly run your online career and build an unstoppable business without any hassle.  


FACT: Companies Need E-commerce Marketing Specialists

(...Who Actually Know What They’re Doing)

Online businesses that offer physical products, information/education and/or digital products, digital services, the digital agencies that provide services to them, require expert professionals trained in e-commerce marketing. The E-commerce Marketing Specialist knows how to advance any type of web based businesses, whatever the industry is, to produce more customers and revenue, from web based business store optimization and engineering to direct response email copy-writing and traffic generation.

 So, Boost Your Conversion with the Help from
"Certified E-Commerce Marketing Specialist". 


Make More Sales & Profit From Your E-Commerce Store

What's the one thing that isolates a fruitful ecommerce or any online business organization…

...from an unsuccessful one?

Obviously it's vital to offer brilliant market demand products and give first class customer service and benefit.

Yet, those things—without anything else—aren't sufficient.

All things considered, you could offer the best products/services on the planet…

Yet, if no one knows it exists…

if no one knows how incredible it is…

At that point, no one will purchase your astonishing product.

That is the reason the #1 thing that isolates successful online business stores from unsuccessful ones is extraordinary marketing.

You presumably know this is the truth.

Knowing precisely how to get your products before the ideal individual customer… Inducing those individuals to purchase… And maximizing the estimation of every single exchange…

(Again and again… )

...is the way to online business success.

That’s why we achieved the E-commerce Marketing Certification and badge and become certified to help you optimize your store conversion.

We will help you absolutely everything that you have to enhance any of your ecommerce business stores to produce more sales and profit.

You'll get help in how to enhance an online business website, how to generate traffic from social media,  search engines and others, how to write direct response copy that sells, how to compose e-commerce emails and messages, how to manage customer community and substantially more.

Our Key Responsibilities:

  • Create and maintain the annual eCommerce sales target and strategies
  • Optimize online store flow, shopping experience, and checkout funnel to improve and refine the direct commerce experience for your customers
  • Analyze key metrics and performances for your site and online commerce stores
  • Work in tandem with the retail business specialist to balance product positioning
  • Drive the e-commerce performance for your companies
  • Data driven decision making based on Google Analytics
  • Website Metrics including page speeds, content optimization, Rich SEO practice implementation techniques
  • Utilize and manage 3rd party software to retain customers
  • Live for web analytics, collecting and analyzing trends to optimize conversion & improve profitability.
  • Perform Competitior Analysis to brainstorm competitive outlooks and strategies.
  • Management of digital marketing budget, ensuring spend is dedicated to relevant growth drivers according to business & financial goals.
  • Stay relevant by always keeping up to date on the best practices and trends in digital and understand how to build and convert a digital audience.
  • Work with the marketing and creative team to ideate and execute creative new strategies.
  • Execute enhanced brand content (visual and textual)
  • Design and run regular A/B experiments that affect customers, evaluate the impact of your optimizations and communicate your results to various business stakeholders.
  • Perform hands-on data analysis and modeling with basic data sets to develop insights that increase traffic monetization without compromising customer experience and balancing the impact to merchandise sales.
  • Perform Retargeting for new customer acquistion and develop strategies to retain current customer group
  • Segment Usergroups based off interests, purchase history, etc for our sales team
  • Drive up conversion rates across our different business platforms
  • Develop a 360 strategy for all our different business channels which allow us to cross sell through channels and par up performing sku's with under performing sku's
  • Compile Reports for Analysis and Strategy
  • Create email marketing campaigns and grow database.
  • Work with cross-functional partners across the business especially marketing to develop strategies to increase ROI, and increase business revenue.


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